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Red Heart Features

Red Heart Emergency Card contains medical information of the learner and can be easily accessed during an emergency that will save the life of the learner incase of an emergency.

Medical Data

Easy access to medical and emergency information of the learner fo rapid help.

Pocket Cash

Allows Parents to load money into the card such that their children can make cashless transactions for food at school tuck shop.

What is Red Heart

Red Heart is an emergency card that uses a QR Code to store medical information about a learner.

In the event of an accident or medical emergency, the teacher simply scans the QR Code using a data free Mobile App and the medical information of a learner will be retrieved as well automatically alerting medical help of the accident.

Red Heart Card

Red Heart Card Front View

Whats Is Pocket Cash

Red Heart is an added feature on the Red Heart Card. It comes through a magnetic strip at the back of the Red Heart Card that allows learners to buy food items at the school tuck shop by swiping.

Pocket Allows parents to top up their children accounts effortlessly from the Red Heart Portal.

Pocket Cash

Red Heart Card Back View

How it works

1. Sign Up For Red Heart

Log on to the link about and log on to the Red Heart Portal and create and account.

2. Register Student

Through the Red Heart Portal, create account for your children by providing their information in the registration form

3. Pay Registration Fee

After creating a student account, pay the Registration Fee Online such that the student account can be activated

4. Get your student details

From the Red Heart Portal, you can retrieve student details including the student unique Registration Number

5. Top Up Pocket Cash

Parents can select a student and top up the Pocket Cash account to allow purchases by learners at the school.

6. Start Swiping

The Red Heart Card is ready! Learners can now effortlessly buy food and supplies from the school tuck-shop by swiping their Red Heart Card.

Sign Me Up

Other Red Heart Products

Pocket Cash

A safer way for Learners to carry pocket money to school

Digital Red Heart MapTech E-Chip

Asset tracking and tracing device in real time

Digital Red Heart Emergency V Tech

Track and tracing device for the transportation industry, e.g Courier companies, Taxi Industry e.t.c

Digital Red Heart Emergency Tool

Track and tracing of Human capital in real time

Track and tracing Life stock track in real time

Track and tracing of learners in real time

Corporate Red Heart Emergency access Card

Security Companies

Construction Companies

Public Servants

Added Feature

Please note that our Red Heart Emergency tool can be customized per Industry

Product List Continued

Red Heart is delivered through these devices.

Pocket Cash

Red Heart Emergency For Livestock

Digital Red Heart V-Tech

Digital Red Heart Emergency Tool

Corporate Red Heart emergency access Card

Red Heart MAPTECH E-Chip

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